How To Choose And Wear The Bow Tie?

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Since we are talking about an accessory, the goal here is not to take the lead but to have fun.

How do you wear it in a stylish way without overdoing it?


First, I think you should avoid wearing it with a butler-style suit vest, venturing there can be dangerous. Similarly, some looks mixing bow tie and suspenders are sometimes successful, but it seems to me quite rare. The combination of the two is a little too much in my opinion.

In terms of color and patterns, on the other hand, I see no limits! On the contrary, it is the opportunity to express one’s personality that makes the piece interesting.


It exists at all prices, from 10 euros to a hundred. As you will have understood, the price fluctuates depending on the material chosen, the quality of manufacture and the possibility of customization (tailor-made).

It should also be noted that thrift stores that are plentiful on the Hexagon are also a very good way to find bow ties. I’ve already found some for only a few rupees.

We now move on to the selection of brands to find beautiful bow tie. 😉


Beyond prejudice, the bow tie is a much simpler accessory to master than you might think.

Available in a multitude of colors, patterns and materials, there’s something for everyone. The offer has diversified considerably in recent years and, in general, a brand known for the quality of its ties will generally also be recognized for its bow ties.

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