The Sense Of Detail In A Silver Bracelet

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Are you the type to thoroughly inspect every piece of clothing that passes through your hands, where you weren’t careful before? Looking at the finesse of the seam of a collar? Counting the number of dots by 1 cm? Has this approach become widespread to other objects in your life? You find yourself “geeker” to buy any furniture?

Now take a duo of men obsessed with the object 1 in its broadest sense, maniacs in the slightest thing they touch and that enters their home.

Now imagine that they are creating a brand of timeless, uncluttered and mixed accessories, in which their (your?) retail maniacs can fully express themselves. Let them push their obsession to the point of taking care of the invisible details, Those who speak only to other enthusiasts of beautiful objects…

The object by which it all begins is a bracelet – a rush more accurately – in polished silver, with brushed interior.


Adrien and Erwan love the nobility of this material, both beautiful and discreet, and its ability to skate over time.

They mainly work on silver 925 thousandths: one of the strongest titlings, composed of 92.5% “pure” silver and 7.5% copper. It’s called “sterling money.”

“Why not a 100% money?” you’ll ask. Or even money called “Britannia” at 958 thousandths? Simply because pure money is too soft 5, the bracelet would deform too easily.


When I took this rush in hand, Adrien described it to me as a simple object, elementary in shape, but very complicated to make. It took them a whole year to get his form perfected.

I also notice brushed silver rushes,a finish I love on watch bracelets. Adrien explains to me that a craftsman holds the bracelet in front of a roll, digging tiny streaks on the silver.

The difficulty is to properly handle the jewel, so that the brushing is perfectly parallel with the edges. For this, the craftsman is helped by a guidance system on his machine.

So what to do after that?


We start with the horizontal guilloche bracelet, where well-marked streaks run all the way. Finding the “not” of each groove was not easy: it required an aesthetic result, while respecting certain proportions.


When you combine colors, textures and reliefs, you get a wide choice of bracelet.

The Gram is a brand that is part of an “accumulative logic”. Don’t ask me why but accumulation is a concept dear to some designers.

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